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Kitchen Hood Certification

Makeup air units are designed to condition ventilation air introduced into a space or to replace air exhausted from a building. The air exhausted may be from a process or general area exhaust, through either powered exhaust fans or gravity ventilators. The units may be used to prevent negative pressure within buildings or to reduce airborne contaminants in a space.

If temperature and/or humidity in the structure are controlled, the makeup air system must have the capacity to condition the replacement air. In most cases, makeup air units must be used to supply this conditioned makeup air. The units may heat, cool, humidify, dehumidify, and/or filter incoming air. They may be used to replace air in the conditioned space or to supplement or accomplish all or part of the airflow needed to satisfy the heating, ventilating, or cooling air­ flow requirements.

Makeup air can enter at a fixed flow rate or as a variable volume of outside air. It can be used to accomplish building pressurization or contamination reduction, and may be controlled in a manner that responds directly to exhaust flow. Makeup air units may also be connected to process exhaust with air-to-air heat recovery units.

Buildings under negative pressure because of inadequate make­ up air may have the following symptoms:

Kitchen Hood Certification


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